Monday, 3 August 2015

Week 1: things I have learned

1:It provides many and dynamics related functions and settings, including the player's operation, artificial intelligence and networking capabilities. Unreal editor objects can be directly dynamics set model, and support simple collision optimization and adjustment

2: A  tool for the design of the operation, it can very well make up for some deficiencies in Lumion and Rhino can not be achieved, and good use to game development to go.

3:In the Unreal Engine, it provides a very detailed preparation of source code examples。

4:Editor's Explorer function is also very powerful, can quickly and accurately locate, view and project organization to organize various resources.

5:In the editor also provides developers with a "game test" button, just use the mouse to click after the game content can be edited for testing. In this case, you can watch the "test window" game screen, while real-time adjustments and modifications in another window, very convenient.

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